Torsten Lischke and Armin Rombach as Managing Directors

Why has DINSE decided to employ a second Managing Director, in addition to Torsten Lischke, in the person of Armin Rombach?

By appointing a second Managing Director, we can achieve a greater focus on the individual divisions. Our growth, arising out of our foreign engagements in the United States, India and China, plus the acquisition of ESS Welding in South Germany, demands more management capacity. As a result, we’re significantly better positioned to expand DINSE’s market position both domestically and overseas.

What predestined Armin Rombach for this post, and how are the tasks divided between the two business leaders?

Armin Rombach, a graduate in business administration, has been with DINSE for six years, most recently as commercial director and authorized officer, and as director of the United States subsidiary DINSE Inc. His priorities at this time have been in the classic commercial departments of finance and controlling, human resources, IT and law.

In his new role, his jurisdiction has been extended to include production and logistics, covering both DINSE GmbH and its new subsidiary ESS Welding GmbH & Co KG., in which both Mr. Lischke and Mr. Rombach jointly manage the business. Torsten Lischke takes over the chairmanship of the Management Board and will be responsible for development and sales in both companies.

As the new Managing Director, what task do you want to tackle first, and what is most important to you as the new Managing Director?

“Naturally, the development and the integration of ESS Welding is currently taking up most of my time and is top priority. But I will soon devote myself to harmonizing the business areas entrusted to me, by way of standardization and optimization. What I am committing myself to and taking responsibility for is creating sustainable growth, taking into account differing interests among customers, employees and my partner.”

Around three months have passed since the acquisition of ESS GmbH. How is the incorporation of the company proceeding, and how have the markets reacted to the merger?

The news that DINSE was acquiring shares in ESS was met with great interest and positive feedback on the market.
The integration of processes is now moving ahead with great strides. The strengths of the individual brands are being promoted while simultaneously pressing ahead with the idea of the system. DINSE stands for solutions with the highest quality of products – “Made in Germany” quality: We will continue consistently and uncompromisingly to honor this claim. We will ensure that all ESS products will maintain this high standard of quality.

How are things going at the moment for DINSE and what markets and applications are you focusing on in particular?

DINSE’s development is currently better than planned and we can point to an increase over the previous year. Our products newly featured at the ‘Schweißen & Scheiden’ trade fair are being very well received by the market and make us confident that all of 2014 will be a very successful year for DINSE as well.
With the integration of ESS and our own power source for automatic machines, we are focusing on complete systems to respond to the current demand. Our customers are increasingly asking for a system provider for the entire welding process. DINSE is responding to this demand by offering first-class products and pursuing continuous development of welding systems. DINSE is now able to offer solutions from a single source – from the modular power source via the high-precision wire feeder up to the tried-and-proven DIX torch set, we provide the user with top-quality equipment.