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Expansion: DINSE Inc. USA: Interview with managing director Torsten Lischke


Torsten Lischke DINSE GmbH_kleiner


Interview with Torsten Lischke, Managing Director of DINSE GmbH

1) How is the United States currently presenting itself as a target market?

The United States is one of the world’s largest markets, where the welding industry is dominated by a few major players such as Lincoln and ITW. While gas-cooled systems are traditionally and predominantly used in the States, we Europeans have a lot more experience with water-cooled systems, which are becoming increasingly popular in the US when it comes to more challenging welding jobs.

Distribution channels in the US are different to those in Europe. As mentioned above, there are a few very large distributors, which have a branch in virtually every town. It is very difficult for foreign companies to break into these distribution channels. This can only really be achieved through intensive sales activities with the end users. If you are prepared to do the “hard slog”, show a lot of patience and find good American employees, then, as a German company, we see the market in the US as very lucrative. At the end of the day, the Americans are also looking for a reliable partner who offers excellent products, which in turn will solve the problems of the end users. In our experience, the price is only a minor consideration. To our advantage: The “Made in Germany” seal of approval is highly valued in the United States.

2) What are the predictions for the future? How do German and European companies view the current situation in the US?

Our growth rates in the United States are currently in double figures. This is not surprising, due to the limited presence of DINSE in the US. If we could only achieve a tiny fraction of the reputation we have achieved in Germany, it would give us significant growth potential for years to come – even if the US market were to shrink.

3) What role do American companies play as cooperation partners for European companies? 

Cooperation partners are also important for DINSE in the United States. However, they are found less among distributors and more among system integrators and robot manufacturers. Here we come across the same companies that we deal with in Europe and Asia.

4) What are the advantages of the US market compared to other markets?

The US market is huge and offers extensive opportunities, initially in niche areas and through special applications and eventually by selling high-quality products through distributors. There is a need for innovative solutions with high-quality welding torches – particularly for automated welding.



New Headquarter of DINSE Inc.

On July 1, 2014 we are going to relocate our headquarter in the US to:

830 Dillon Drive
Wood Dale, IL 60191

Contact details such as Telephone, Fax and E-mail will remain unchanged.

Expansion of Management at DINSE

Since January 2014, Armin Rombach has joined Torsten Lischke as Managing Director of DINSE GmbH.

Armin Rombach, a graduate in business administration, has been with DINSE for six years, most recently as commercial director and authorized officer, and as director of the United States subsidiary DINSE Inc. His priorities at this time have been in the classic commercial departments of finance and controlling, human resources, IT and law.

In his new role, his jurisdiction has been extended to include production and logistics, covering both DINSE GmbH and its new subsidiary ESS Welding GmbH & Co KG.

The sharply increased complexity of DINSE over recent years through internationalization and company acquisitions has of course been noted by company management. This expanded management can now thus concentrate in a more targeted way on single business divisions. Torsten Lischke takes over the chairmanship of the Management Board and will be responsible for development and sales.

“I look forward to the challenge of expanding the market position of DINSE GmbH as an internationally active system provider of welding technology together with Mr. Lischke and the staff. We have a very strong foundation for this: A high level of expertise, excellent products and a strong dedication to our customers”, says Armin Rombach.

The Hamburg-based company DINSE stands out for its exemplary evolution. Founded 60 years ago as a manufacturer of welding cable couplers, today DINSE has become a technology leader in MIG/MAG, TIG and laser welding and laser soldering. Due to the consistent expansion of the automated welding product range, DINSE has established itself on the market as a system provider for the entire welding process. Based on a consistently pursued expansion strategy abroad, into the focus markets of the United States, India and China, the company is winning international renown and chalking up significant growth.

Torsten Lischke and Armin Rombach as Managing Directors

Why has DINSE decided to employ a second Managing Director, in addition to Torsten Lischke, in the person of Armin Rombach?

By appointing a second Managing Director, we can achieve a greater focus on the individual divisions. Our growth, arising out of our foreign engagements in the United States, India and China, plus the acquisition of ESS Welding in South Germany, demands more management capacity. As a result, we’re significantly better positioned to expand DINSE’s market position both domestically and overseas.

What predestined Armin Rombach for this post, and how are the tasks divided between the two business leaders?

Armin Rombach, a graduate in business administration, has been with DINSE for six years, most recently as commercial director and authorized officer, and as director of the United States subsidiary DINSE Inc. His priorities at this time have been in the classic commercial departments of finance and controlling, human resources, IT and law.

In his new role, his jurisdiction has been extended to include production and logistics, covering both DINSE GmbH and its new subsidiary ESS Welding GmbH & Co KG., in which both Mr. Lischke and Mr. Rombach jointly manage the business. Torsten Lischke takes over the chairmanship of the Management Board and will be responsible for development and sales in both companies.

As the new Managing Director, what task do you want to tackle first, and what is most important to you as the new Managing Director?

“Naturally, the development and the integration of ESS Welding is currently taking up most of my time and is top priority. But I will soon devote myself to harmonizing the business areas entrusted to me, by way of standardization and optimization. What I am committing myself to and taking responsibility for is creating sustainable growth, taking into account differing interests among customers, employees and my partner.”

Around three months have passed since the acquisition of ESS GmbH. How is the incorporation of the company proceeding, and how have the markets reacted to the merger?

The news that DINSE was acquiring shares in ESS was met with great interest and positive feedback on the market.
The integration of processes is now moving ahead with great strides. The strengths of the individual brands are being promoted while simultaneously pressing ahead with the idea of the system. DINSE stands for solutions with the highest quality of products – “Made in Germany” quality: We will continue consistently and uncompromisingly to honor this claim. We will ensure that all ESS products will maintain this high standard of quality.

How are things going at the moment for DINSE and what markets and applications are you focusing on in particular?

DINSE’s development is currently better than planned and we can point to an increase over the previous year. Our products newly featured at the ‘Schweißen & Scheiden’ trade fair are being very well received by the market and make us confident that all of 2014 will be a very successful year for DINSE as well.
With the integration of ESS and our own power source for automatic machines, we are focusing on complete systems to respond to the current demand. Our customers are increasingly asking for a system provider for the entire welding process. DINSE is responding to this demand by offering first-class products and pursuing continuous development of welding systems. DINSE is now able to offer solutions from a single source – from the modular power source via the high-precision wire feeder up to the tried-and-proven DIX torch set, we provide the user with top-quality equipment.

FABTECH 2013, Chicago, 11.2013, 18-21

fabtechlogo2010Our sister company DINSE Inc. exhibited at the International Trade Fair FABTECH in Chicago november 18th to 21st, 2013. Special exhibition highlights were the new wire feed system for cold wire welding as well as the endlessly rotating rotary interface REVO.torch for hollow wrist robots. Another focus: Aluminum PUSH-PULL solutions for manual and automatic welding.

Fabtech Website…

New Wire feeding system for Laser applications

Laser-welding and -brazing allows the maximum of production reliability for sophisticated processes. The use of filler wire offers key technological advantages: ideal material alloy, prevention of hot cracks during aluminium welding, reduced process temperatures, high tolerance compatibility as well as a high process speed. For this reason DINSE has been developing and optimizing these systems for decades. The key to success is the combination of technological research and development and practical relevance. DINSE has focused especially upon the further development of wire feeding and wire monitoring. In DINSE laser systems the PUSH-PUSH technology comes with two fully-uncoupled drive units. The speed controlled front-drive feeds the demand-actuated quantity of wire; the adjustable torque of the rear-drive limits the feed force. This ensures a constant wire feed regardless of length, bend and torsion of the torch set.

A newly developed drive system with four roles allows precise feeding and positioning of the wire due to idealized force transmission. The wire feed is thereby optimized, slipping of the drive roller is minimized. Close to the process, behind the motor a digital sensor controls the wire feed and collects data for a comprehensive monitoring of the process. At the monitoring the sensor-based, highly precise wire positioning and feeding with measurement of distance and the adjustment of the exact quantity of the weld deposit are automatically documented.

As an additional component a wire brake has been integrated. This guarantees a constant stick-out of the wire during the process of measurement and movements of the robot. This is the precondition for a precise detection of the welding seam. In the new drive unit motor, wire sensor and wire brake are combined in one box making the feeding unit smaller, lighter and more compact. A more precise adjustment amongst the components is possible.

The new microprocessor-based control unit can be conveniently operated via a touch screen display. Advanced functions and a clear presentation of all relevant data enable easy programming and processing of all production parameters. Depending on the application, all welding parameters such as feed rate, transport time, gas flow or hours of operation are freely programmable. The integrated software monitoring documents all relevant data.

The continuous wire feed monitoring generates warning messages that can be read and saved for logging on a SD memory card.

The system consisting of these components guarantees a precise and controlled feeding of the wire. Thus a high quality and reproducibility of the welding is assured. This quality convinces even exacting customers. Therefore renowned producers, e.g. of the automotive and aviation industry, rely on DINSE laser-welding and -brazing technologies.


For many years DINSE has been the number one choice for demanding customers. After the launch of REVO.torch and ECO.torch the newly developed cost-effective LITE.torch now supplements the family of rotary interfaces. Excellent component accessibility, low weight and impressive efficiency characterize LITE.torch.

Advantage thanks to hollow wrist robot

Very early realised the high economic potential of hollow wrist robots. The welding equipment is no longer guided in the conventional way, outside the robot arm, but internally. This not only prolongs operating life but also permits the welding torch to be turned with minimum restriction, so that welding is simplified even at points where access is difficult.

Extraordinary rotating capability

With +/-260° of rotation of the sixth axis, the LITE.torch saves time and programming costs for contour welding and allows optimal component accessibility – even in compact structures and complicated geometries.

Light and efficient

Manufactured out of aluminium, the LITE.torch has a very light weight – therefore it is ideal for robots with low carrying capacity on the sixth axis.

Extremely robust

The highly torsion-resistant compact hose package is characterized by its extremely low wear, long service life and long maintenance intervals.

Modular design

The LITE.torch has a modular design. It is available in a gas- or liquid-cooled version and with or without wire brake. The welding seam can be sensed either by nozzle sensing or with the (optional) wire break and stick-out of the welding wire. Therefore part deviation can be tracked and the TCP can be reproduced.

Torch cleaning station DIX PRS 1000

Reinigungsstation PRS 1000

Spring-guided complete solution for effective cleaning

An effective cleaning process is indispensable for high system availability and optimal welding results. The newly developed torch cleaning station DIX PRS 1000 provides excellent results with its unique process: An innovative spring principle has been developed for specific cleaning of the torch head. The cleaning station is available in single and dual versions for simultaneous cleaning of two welding torches.

Ultimate cleaning

The spring is available in different sizes for all current gas nozzles. It removes spatters especially effectively and without chips. This significantly increases the lifespan of the wear parts.

Accelerated processes

Cleaning is carried out by the movement of the robot over the spring. This reaches all internal parts such as the gas nozzle, contact tip and gas distributor. Fixing of the welding torch and milling are things of the past. This saves valuable time.

Cost-effective solution

Cleaning with the spring is cost-effective because there is no need either for an additional drive for a cutter or a pneumatic clamping jig to fix the torch during the cleaning process.

Intelligent process-control

The position gage allows a quick check of the torch position. Thus the cleaning is seamlessly integrated into the process flow and enables reliable, time and cost-optimized cleaning of the tool.

Flexible modular system

By the spray valve inside the spring, by a separate spraying unit at the cleaning station or by the air blast in the torch set: The manner of anti-stick agent supply can be determined individually. According to the requirements wire cutter, control valves and other components can be added. Each component of the DIX PRS 1000 can be ordered individually.