Expansion: DINSE Inc. USA: Interview with managing director Torsten Lischke

For DINSE GmbH internationalization is part of the corporate strategy. A substantial part of the turnover is generated abroad, with the company focusing on countries like China, India and the US as well as the European market. As a result, DINSE GmbH is consistently expanding its international presence, and founded its first subsidiary in the US in 2010. “The American market is one of the key markets for us, and is of particular strategic importance for the future development of the company,” explains Torsten Lischke, Managing Director of DINSE GmbH. After a successful start, the sales and service network has been systematically expanded ever since. Apart from the headquarters in Wood Dale, Illinois, there is now another location in Detroit, Michigan. ... Weiterlesen

New Headquarter of DINSE Inc.

On July 1st, 2014 we are going to relocate our headquarter in the US ... Weiterlesen

Expansion of Management at DINSE

Since January 2014, Armin Rombach has joined Torsten Lischke as Managing Director of DINSE GmbH. ... Weiterlesen

Torsten Lischke and Armin Rombach as Managing Directors

Facts and background information about the new top management. ... Weiterlesen


On September 16 - 21, 2013, 1,017 exhibitors from 40 nations presented their innovations at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Essen. The DINSE stand in Hall 3 was meeting place for the international audience. Click here to see some photos. ... Weiterlesen

SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, Düsseldorf, 25.-29.09.2017

In Düsseldorf, Dinse presents latest technologies in the field of arc welding which have been developed in close cooperation with end-users. ... Weiterlesen

FABTECH 2013, Chicago, 11.2013, 18-21

Our sister company DINSE Inc. exhibited at the International Trade Fair FABTECH in Chicago. ... Weiterlesen

New Wire feeding system for Laser applications

The new wire feeding system offers a flexible concept for maximum production reliability: precise wire feeding, digitalized process control, detailed monitoring. ... Weiterlesen


Slim design, light weight, high precision: With its rotation of +/- 260 ° LITE.torch allows optimal component accessibility. ... Weiterlesen

Torch cleaning station DIX PRS 1000

For high system availability and optimum welding result an effective cleaning process is essential. The newly developed cleaning station DIX PRS 1000 convinces with a unique spring principle for fast, precise and cost-effective cleaning. ... Weiterlesen

DIX MET 32xx / 37xx / 39xx

With the gas-cooled DIX MET 3700 DINSE already presented a robot welding torch with an impressive range of performance last year. With a duty cycle of 100%, it is designed for performance outputs up to 450 A with CO2 and up to 400 A with mixed gas. This family of high-performance burners was recently supplemented by two additional model series: in addition to the 3700 series, the DIX MET 3200 and DIX MET 3900 have been included in the program. ... Weiterlesen

DIX MPZ 600-x manual PUSH-PULL

With the MPZ 600-x the welder can kill the two birds of technology and function with one stone. It combines the lightweight and slim housing of a conventional manual welding torch with all the benefits of the integrated PUSH-PULL wire feed. This is achieved by separating the welding torch and drive unit. ... Weiterlesen


The new plug concept for maximum flexibility when using DINSE torch sets: With the POWER PIN we offer an adapter for easy installation on gas- and liquid-cooled welding systems made by a range of manufacturers. ... Weiterlesen

Screw adapter DIX SAD 570

With the dual circuit liquid cooling, the cooling medium flows through the welding torch over the full length in circular channels. The wear parts are cooled separately and thus very effectively; the cooling liquid flows around the gas nozzle. DINSE has now developed a gas nozzle system which significantly simplifies the replacement of wearing parts in welding torch models. with an open cooling circuit. This is achieved through ingenious splitting. ... Weiterlesen

SupraFeed: The new idea for frictionless wire feeding

With SupraFeed DINSE offers a new approach for low-friction feeding of welding wires. Instead of using liner, the filler material slides over rolls. This opens up an entirely new dimension of uniform wire feeding - with significantly reduced maintenance. SupraFeed can be integrated easily and flexibly into a variety of system setups. ... Weiterlesen