New Wire feeding system for Laser applications

Laser-welding and -brazing allows the maximum of production reliability for sophisticated processes. The use of filler wire offers key technological advantages: ideal material alloy, prevention of hot cracks during aluminium welding, reduced process temperatures, high tolerance compatibility as well as a high process speed. For this reason DINSE has been developing and optimizing these systems for decades. The key to success is the combination of technological research and development and practical relevance. DINSE has focused especially upon the further development of wire feeding and wire monitoring. In DINSE laser systems the PUSH-PUSH technology comes with two fully-uncoupled drive units. The speed controlled front-drive feeds the demand-actuated quantity of wire; the adjustable torque of the rear-drive limits the feed force. This ensures a constant wire feed regardless of length, bend and torsion of the torch set.

A newly developed drive system with four roles allows precise feeding and positioning of the wire due to idealized force transmission. The wire feed is thereby optimized, slipping of the drive roller is minimized. Close to the process, behind the motor a digital sensor controls the wire feed and collects data for a comprehensive monitoring of the process. At the monitoring the sensor-based, highly precise wire positioning and feeding with measurement of distance and the adjustment of the exact quantity of the weld deposit are automatically documented.

As an additional component a wire brake has been integrated. This guarantees a constant stick-out of the wire during the process of measurement and movements of the robot. This is the precondition for a precise detection of the welding seam. In the new drive unit motor, wire sensor and wire brake are combined in one box making the feeding unit smaller, lighter and more compact. A more precise adjustment amongst the components is possible.

The new microprocessor-based control unit can be conveniently operated via a touch screen display. Advanced functions and a clear presentation of all relevant data enable easy programming and processing of all production parameters. Depending on the application, all welding parameters such as feed rate, transport time, gas flow or hours of operation are freely programmable. The integrated software monitoring documents all relevant data.

The continuous wire feed monitoring generates warning messages that can be read and saved for logging on a SD memory card.

The system consisting of these components guarantees a precise and controlled feeding of the wire. Thus a high quality and reproducibility of the welding is assured. This quality convinces even exacting customers. Therefore renowned producers, e.g. of the automotive and aviation industry, rely on DINSE laser-welding and -brazing technologies.