For many years DINSE has been the number one choice for demanding customers. After the launch of REVO.torch and ECO.torch the newly developed cost-effective LITE.torch now supplements the family of rotary interfaces. Excellent component accessibility, low weight and impressive efficiency characterize LITE.torch.

Advantage thanks to hollow wrist robot

Very early realised the high economic potential of hollow wrist robots. The welding equipment is no longer guided in the conventional way, outside the robot arm, but internally. This not only prolongs operating life but also permits the welding torch to be turned with minimum restriction, so that welding is simplified even at points where access is difficult.

Extraordinary rotating capability

With +/-260° of rotation of the sixth axis, the LITE.torch saves time and programming costs for contour welding and allows optimal component accessibility – even in compact structures and complicated geometries.

Light and efficient

Manufactured out of aluminium, the LITE.torch has a very light weight – therefore it is ideal for robots with low carrying capacity on the sixth axis.

Extremely robust

The highly torsion-resistant compact hose package is characterized by its extremely low wear, long service life and long maintenance intervals.

Modular design

The LITE.torch has a modular design. It is available in a gas- or liquid-cooled version and with or without wire brake. The welding seam can be sensed either by nozzle sensing or with the (optional) wire break and stick-out of the welding wire. Therefore part deviation can be tracked and the TCP can be reproduced.