Torch cleaning station DIX PRS 1000

Reinigungsstation PRS 1000

Spring-guided complete solution for effective cleaning

An effective cleaning process is indispensable for high system availability and optimal welding results. The newly developed torch cleaning station DIX PRS 1000 provides excellent results with its unique process: An innovative spring principle has been developed for specific cleaning of the torch head. The cleaning station is available in single and dual versions for simultaneous cleaning of two welding torches.

Ultimate cleaning

The spring is available in different sizes for all current gas nozzles. It removes spatters especially effectively and without chips. This significantly increases the lifespan of the wear parts.

Accelerated processes

Cleaning is carried out by the movement of the robot over the spring. This reaches all internal parts such as the gas nozzle, contact tip and gas distributor. Fixing of the welding torch and milling are things of the past. This saves valuable time.

Cost-effective solution

Cleaning with the spring is cost-effective because there is no need either for an additional drive for a cutter or a pneumatic clamping jig to fix the torch during the cleaning process.

Intelligent process-control

The position gage allows a quick check of the torch position. Thus the cleaning is seamlessly integrated into the process flow and enables reliable, time and cost-optimized cleaning of the tool.

Flexible modular system

By the spray valve inside the spring, by a separate spraying unit at the cleaning station or by the air blast in the torch set: The manner of anti-stick agent supply can be determined individually. According to the requirements wire cutter, control valves and other components can be added. Each component of the DIX PRS 1000 can be ordered individually.