DIX MPZ 600-x manual PUSH-PULL


Slim, lightweight with precise wire feed

With the MPZ 600-x the welder can kill the two birds of technology and function with one stone. It combines the lightweight and slim housing of a conventional manual welding torch with all the benefits of the integrated PUSH-PULL wire feed. This is achieved by separating the welding torch and drive unit.

Optimal weight distribution

With the liquid-cooled MPZ 600-x the PUSH-PULL drive is no longer positioned on the torch head but has been moved toward the back. Together with a set with a special compact plug, the PUSH-PULL unit can be worn either on the hip of the welder with a belt or attached to a holder.

Perfect ergonomics

Instead of a PUSH-PULL manual welding torch the user now only has to maneuver a standard welding torch. This separation of torch and drive unit achieves better ergonomics and weight saving, while retaining the desired functionality.

Convenient control

The potentiometer is located on the PUSH-PULL housing. This allows the welder to set the necessary parameters easily and conveniently without leaving his position.

Slim precision

The MPZ 600-x offers both: good component access and all the advantages of the additional wire feed. Soft wires or wires susceptible to bending can be transported over long distances. Exact and continuous transport of the filler material is made possible, coupled with optimal ergonomics.

Maximum performance

The MPZ 600-x can be combined with the proven liquid-cooled model range. The total performance of the system is defined by the maximum values of the respective ranges.