Simple installation

Using the new compact plug and a POWER PIN, DINSE sets can be connected quickly and conveniently to the wire feeder unit of your choice.

Convenient conversion

Regardless of the system you chose: the universal compact plug facilitates fl exible welding with DINSE torch sets. Simply fit the appropriate POWER PIN and start welding.

Cost-effective solution

Installing a matching socket on the wire feeder unit is a thing of the past. This saves time and money. Warranty claims can still be made.

Optimal current transfer

Excellent current transfer is ensured by the absence of any additional interface. There is no unwanted erosion.

Separate shield gas hose

The new plugs also allow you to benefi t from the innovations offered by DINSE sets, e.g. the separate shield gas transport that prevents any losses of gas.

Top flexibility

The compact plugs are available with exchangeable POWER PINS for systems from different manufacturers. Connection to nearly all standard wire feeder units is therefore possible.