Screw adapter DIX SAD 570

Schraubadapter DIX SAD 570

Optimal engineering design

The new split system consists of a gas nozzle and a screw adapter. Only the front gas nozzle must be removed to carry out the replacement. The adapter remains fixed in place.

Uncomplicated wearing part replacement

The open water circuit of the support sleeve remains closed as a result of the newly designed screw adapter. The cooling liquid does not need to be shut off when replacing gas nozzle, contact tip or gas distributor.

Protective replacement procedure

The O-rings are subjected to stress caused by friction as a result of frequent replacement of gas nozzles. This is not the case with the split system – the area sealed by the O-rings is not touched.

Versatile use

The DIX SAD 570 screw adapter is available for the following welding torches: ► DIX METZ 57xx (automatic welding) ► DIX MFTZ 57xx (automatic welding) ► DIX MSZ / MCZ 305 (manual welding)