SupraFeed: The new idea for frictionless wire feeding


Frictionless wire feeding

SupraFeed is a conduit hose of a completely new generation. The individual elements contain rolls offset by 90° from each other. The wire is thus transported almost without any friction.

Diverse applications

Whether in the area of MIG/MAG, WIG, Plasma or Laser: Wherever wire is transported, SupraFeed can be used. The system is suitable for most standard wire types with wire diameters from 0.8 – 1.6 mm.

Flexibility over the whole length

SupraFeed reduces kinetic friction. This facilitates frictionless transport even over longer distances. The wire feeding tube can simply be shortened or extended to any length required.

Various connection options

Three versions of SupraFeed are available. DINSE offers the appropriate connectors for all of them, allowing quick connection and disconnection. ► From the wire barrel to the front drive ► From the wire barrel to the wire feeder ► From the wire feeder to the front drive