FD 100 LS-WB

In the newly developed DINSE DIX FD 100 LS-WB front drive, the drive, wire feed sensor and optional wire brake are combined in one dynamic unit. The innovative four-roll system powered by a 90W motor ensures an even more powerful wire feed. Ideal for feeding filler wires for LASER welding and soldering. The compact design of the drive reduces interference contours and increases accessibility of the components. With integrated wire brake unit.
  • Powerful 4-roll drive
  • torque 1.2 Nm
  • 90 W motor flange-mounted in parallel to the wire conveyor direction over angular gear
  • Precision drive coupling, reduced slip
  • standard integrated wire feed sensor with high resolution of 1600 pulses per revolution
  • Pressure tension of the rollers can be adjusted individually
  • Locking system for convenient setting and loosening of pinch rollers
  • Compact design, improved component accessibility
  • Plastic housing with removable lid
  • 3 push-buttons for function testing (wire forward, wire reverse and gas test)
  • individually combinable connection adapter for customised solutions
  • integrated wire brake
Technische Daten
Weight 1,95 kg
Wire Diameter .031 / 0,8; .039 / 1,0; .047 / 1,2; .055 / 1,4 " / mm
Welding Process other
Feeding Speed 0,3-24 m/min
Operating Voltage DC 42 V
Product Information