RET 310-xx

This innovative DINSE technology allows conventional MIG / MAG welding to enter a new dimension. Thanks to unlimited rotation, the REVO.torch provides significantly shorter welding cycles. The programming effort for complex route sequences including return paths is dispensed with. Another advantage: a significantly higher lifetime for the torsion-free welding set. The REVO.torch is adaptable to all standard hollow-shaft robots.
  • For robots with hollow shaft design
  • Unrestricted rotation of torch heads
  • Torsion-free welding set
  • Service-friendly separability of the set at the wire feeder and the rotary interface
  • No gas losses, due to separate shielding gas feed
  • No time-consuming shielding gas flushing of the set after each blow-out
  • option of precise safety shut-off with maximum deflection of 15 ° in event of collision
  • High repositioning accuracy of ± 0.03 mm at 450 mm distance from robot flange
Technische Daten
Cooling gascooled
Welding Process GMWA; GMWA