RET 341 F

With its 260° rotation to both sides in the sixth axis, the gas-cooled RET 341 F rotary interface saves time and programming effort when welding curves and facilitates optimal component access even in tight structures and those with complicated geometries. Flexible version with a deflection of 15 °. An optional safety shut-off also protects the tool and robot.
  • Bilateral rotation of 260°
  • Optimal component accessibility
  • Minimal wear
  • Maximum precision
Technische Daten
Weight 1,7 kg
Cooling gascooled
Welding Process GMWA; GMWA
Raw Material Non alloyed steel; low alloyed steel; high alloyed steel; copper alloys; nickel alloys
Deflection Range 15 °
Rotating Capability +-260° °
Product Information