RET 320-xx WB

With its 260° rotation to both sides in the sixth axis, the ECO.torch saves time and programming effort when welding curves and facilitates optimal component access even in tight structures and those with complicated geometries. The compact, highly torsion-resistant hose bundle is characterised by very low wear and tear and thus by a long service life and long maintenance intervals. The ECO.torch for all common hollow shaft robots has bilateral rotation for maximum productivity and minimal wear. Available in rigid or flexible models with 15° deflection. Protection module for safety shut-off optional. In addition to recording the various welding parameters, there are some essential mechanical features involved in controlling the transport of the welding wire. A fundamental element in this connection is the integrated wire brake. Thanks to freely programmable brake cycles, the wire brake grips the wire firmly – and always in exactly the same position. This allows the position of the weld seam to be set securely. The wire brake ensures that the the stick-out of the welding wire remains absolutely constant. A stable tool centre point is thus guaranteed throughout the entire measuring process.
  • Bilateral rotation of 260°
  • optimal component accessibility
  • Minimal wear
  • Maximum precision
  • Highly torsion-resistant, compact hose bundle
  • option: rotary interface with 15° deflection
  • Option: Protection module for safety shut-off
  • Prepared for the use of a rotary interface with wire brake
Technische Daten
Cooling gascooled
Welding Process GMWA; GMWA