Optimal cooling by dual-circuit cooling system: The consumables of the torch head are separately cooled and therefore very effective. The coolant flows around the gas nozzle and cut off the torch head quickly large amounts of heat. Due to the sophisticated cooling is the 305 designed for high thermal load. Hence the performance results with the corresponding duty cycles. This secures economic benefits to the user. Thanks a separate shielding gas management in the fittings are gas losses excluded. The very good gas coverage improves the welding result. Ready for connection to the Push-Pull torch set MPZ 600-x.
  • Gas nozzle with rugged trapezoidal thread
  • Flexible supply hose
  • The new plug has an interface to the push-pull unit
  • Optimum gas coverage by recessed contact tip
  • Gas reduction by laminar gas flow and design of the tip adapter
  • No gas loss due to separate shield gas feed
Technische Daten
Standard Angle 45 °
Connection SATZ
Cooling liquidcooled
Rating CO2 550 A
Duty Cycle CO2 60 %
Rating Mixed Gas 500 A
Duty Cycle Mixed Gas 60 %
Wire Diameter .047 / 1,2; .055 / 1,4; .063 / 1,6; .079 / 2,0 " / mm
Welding Process GMWA; GMWA
Raw Material Non alloyed steel; low alloyed steel; high alloyed steel; Aluminium alloys; magnesium alloys; copper alloys; nickel alloys
Product Information