MS/MG 230-x

Lightweight, user-friendly and ergonomically designed: The slim design of the torch neck exceptionally good access to components is guaranteed. The convenient handle of the 230 series is distinguished not only by breaking resistance and high insulation. It lies securely in your hand and allows a very precise guiding of the tool and effortless welding. The separate protective gas guidance excludes gas losses and ensures optimal shield gas at the contact tip and finally for a perfect weld.
  • Flexible supply hose
  • Bend protection at the torch and plug view
  • Gas nozzle with rugged trapezoidal thread
  • Optimum gas coverage by recessed contact tip
  • Gas reduction by laminar gas flow and design of the tip adapter
  • No gas loss due to separate shield gas feed
Technische Daten
Standard Angle 52 °
Connection Euro; Dinse; Power-Pin
Cooling gascooled
Rating CO2 250 A
Duty Cycle CO2 60 %
Rating Mixed Gas 200 A
Duty Cycle Mixed Gas 60 %
Wire Diameter .031 / 0,8; .035 / 0,9; .039 / 1,0 " / mm
Welding Process GMWA; GMWA
Raw Material Non alloyed steel; low alloyed steel; high alloyed steel
Product Information