MET 39xx

The MET 39xx torch heads achieve the highest loading values in the gas-cooled field. With the new gas-cooled series the gas circulates in a cooling spindle and flows in a spiral around the pipe to the contact tip. This system enlarges the cooling surface significantly. The performance data with the corresponding duty cycles are the result of this. The robotic welding torches are available with bends of 0°, 22° and 45°.
  • New revolutionary cooling system
  • intelligent selection of materials
  • Absolute dimensional stability
  • Performance-optimised wear parts
Technische Daten
Connection Thread M 36x1,5
Cooling gascooled
Rating CO2 350 A
Duty Cycle CO2 100 %
Rating Mixed Gas 300 A
Duty Cycle Mixed Gas 100 %
Welding Process GMWA; GMWA
Raw Material Non alloyed steel; low alloyed steel; high alloyed steel
Product Information