MPZ 304-x

For each challenge, the right torch set: With the integrated PUSH-PULL drive can be kink-sensitive soft wires conveyed over long distances. Accurate and continuous support of the additive material is possible.
  • Fexible supply hose
  • Bend protection at the plug view
  • Gas nozzle with rugged trapezoidal thread
  • Optimum gas coverage by recessed contact tip
  • Gas reduction by laminare gas flow and design of the gas diffusor
  • No gas loss due to separate shield gas feed
  • Reliable handling of soft and kink sensitive wires
  • Parameters are adjustable directly at the housing of the Push-Pull unit
  • Constant stick-out
Technische Daten
Standard Angle 45 °
Connection Euro; Dinse; Power-Pin
Cooling liquidcooled
Rating CO2 500 A
Duty Cycle CO2 60 %
Rating Mixed Gas 450 A
Duty Cycle Mixed Gas 60 %
Wire Diameter .031 / 0,8; .035 / 0,9; .039 / 1,0; .047 / 1,2; .055 / 1,4; .063 / 1,6 " / mm
Welding Process GMWA; GMWA
Raw Material Non alloyed steel; low alloyed steel; high alloyed steel; Aluminium alloys; magnesium alloys; copper alloys; nickel alloys
Product Information